How do you combat a cold & the flu?

I have been pretty fortunate to only be “sick” 2 times this winter season so far.  And when I say sick I don’t mean death bed sick…but just generally not feeling well for a few days.  Normally I get a sinus infection in the winter and the spring.  This year I am doing pretty well.

When you are getting sick, or feel sick what do you do to make yourself feel better?


I love hot tea!  You can read about some of the benefits of hot tea here.  Aside from the numerous benefits, there isn’t much better than curling up with a book drinking hot tea to warm you from the inside out.  At least here in Indiana.  It’s super cold right now!  I think it’s 8* currently.

Additionally, Perfectly Posh has some super products to help relieve your symptoms when you’re not feeling up to par.  Pamper Your Cold comes in a set with 7 shower steamers and a 2 ounce cocoa butter balm, which is similar to Vicks – but naturally based, and good for you.


How else do you like to make yourself feel better?


Wow, time sure flies when you’re busy pampering!!

I can’t believe it’s been since the end of August since I last updated this blog!  In a nutshell, things have been CRAZY!!  

My Perfectly Posh team has exploded – which is a good thing!  We have expanded to over 120 team members, which keeps me busy on a daily basis!  I have made a resolution this year to blog weekly, maybe more…but I don’t know who actually reads this thing.  Let me update you on some Perfectly Posh housekeeping, and news from the home front.

Pretty Please now just goes by PRETTY.  If you remember, PRETTY is a line of  fabulous products that are geared more towards a younger crowd.  We also announced 3 new products that are part of the PRETTY line.  1) Zit Zapper 2) Moisturize 911 3) Snarky Bar


I am getting those ^^ tomorrow.  I will report back my personal findings.  You also see here in this pic the Complexion Perfection, which ROCKS!  It used to come in a different bottle, but it has been revamped and I use it everyday, and it is seriously amazing.  The best clean feeling ever.  Even my husband loves it!

He cracks me up!  He totally Poshed himself the other day, and he was so proud of himself.  We always have the Chatter Chunk in our shower, that is our everyday soap – love it – not drying at all!  Well he also did the Rubby Scrubby, used the Complexion Perfection, and topped it off with the new Love On Your Posh Man <—that stuff smells like a million bucks!  He can use that any day of the week if you ask me!


Until next time – (which I hope is sooner rather than later) – Keep on Poshin’!

❤ Jaclyn


Perfectly Posh’s Purifier is Perfect (say that 5 times fast!!)

I neglected to take pics beforehand, but I want to share how awesome The Purifier from Perfectly Posh is!  I developed a pretty large and painful blemish in the middle of my back overnight on Sunday.  So last night when my husband got home I had him put The Stripper on it. So he gracefully frosted the middle of my back with The Stripper and I left it on for about 15 minutes to dry.  I had him wipe it off and then he applied The Purifier.  

If you don’t know what The Purifier is, it is the newest skin stick from Perfectly Posh.  It is a combination of Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus with natural cleansing and soothing.  Tea tree oil is fantastic for acne, and also as an antiseptic.  

So anyway…today my quarter sized blemish is smaller & not painful at all!

Check out The Purifier now!  

Fall in love with Perfectly Posh!!

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Fall has come to Perfectly Posh early!!  I am so excited to tell you ALL about everything we have to offer, but first a few things GREAT THINGS about Posh!! First off…Perfectly Posh’s new catalog has ZERO (none, zip, nada) discontinued items!!  A few items have been repackaged, so you can find them in the closeout … Continue reading

I LOVE product reviews!

Read about my Perfectly Posh business from Teresa!

I love getting reviews!  Teresa was kind enough to take some samples (I really had to twist her arm, haha), and do a little review for me on her blog, at DS Partyline.  As everyone else, Teresa LOVED Perfectly Posh!  Take a quick peek at what she had to say.

If you are interested in getting samples of your own, and will give me feedback & reviews please shoot me a quick email at

AND Don’t Forget – I have a Mystery Hostess Party going on RIGHT NOW – and you can ORDER HERE!

Not sure how the Mystery Hostess Party works?  I will use to pick a winner of the free items that a normal party hostess would earn.  How SWEET is that?!  All you have to do it place an order!

Until Next Time –

Keep Poshing ~ Jaclyn

Honest Review from an Honest User :)

My reviews:
Oh, Peaches lip scrub: I LOVE this, it smells just like those peach-o’s candy (YUM!) and it makes me want to eat it!! Also it makes your lips feel amazing!!
Sugar Scrub: I love this, especially for my face it gets rid of all the dry skin and leaves you smooth and non-greasy like most scrubs!
The whole summer line:  LOVE this scent! It reminds me of the beach and feels great on your skin, super hydrating lotion!
Lip balms: I love all of the scents, it lasts a long time on your lips too which is nice you arent always reapplying!
The Healer: ahhh the healer, I have a skin condtion from celiac disease (aka why I love these GLUTEN FREE products!) I put it on my legs where the dry icky skin is and it makes them feel sooo nice and is actually better then the prescription stuff they gave me and smells better too!
Chunks:  I love the feng shoap scent, its clean and not over powering and makes you feel great!
Overall the reason I started using these products were they are all labeled GLUTEN FREE and that is huge for me– saves me a lot of time reading labels and asking questions! I love everything I have tried so far and will be a continued customer for life! 🙂

From Lisa in South Dakota.

Bottom Line: Perfectly Posh is AMAZING!!

Perfectly Posh Parties

Are you one of those people who just doesn’t have “good parties?”  Boy, do I have good news for you!!  Perfectly Posh not only makes it SUPER easy to have a party, but Posh offers items that everyone loves!  The products are super affordable from as little at $4 to only $22!

So check it out…

If you are the hostess with the mostess you can host a Home Posh Party – where we do all the fun things, play games, and dig into and try the products.

If you are a busy host you can host a Portable Party – where I give you a bag full of products for you to take around to all of your friends and collect orders.

If you are an out-of-towner you can host an Online Party – where I set you up with an online link that you share on Facebook and with your friends.  I also will send you samples in the mail to share!

The BEST part of all of the above options?  Whichever you choose you will STILL get the same amazing Hostess rewards!

If you are a big posh fan I encourage you to set up a Posh Party!  The products are amazing, and who wouldn’t want to get them for free?

Until Next Time ~ Posh On